Advanced Jumping Drills – September 2017

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Advanced Jumping Drills

Prerequisites: Dogs should have masters level skills and be competent at one jump skills as described in MSJ Ch 6. (One Jump Skills Class is offered if needed)

Duration: ~16 weeks

Instructor: Linda Mecklenburg

Start Date: September 1, 2017

Finish Date: December 31, 2017

Mike Lifer PhotographyThis class is designed for dogs that are currently competing to expand their jumping skills. Advanced drills from the upcoming Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS) Volume 2 such as collection grids, extension to collection transition drills, convergence, slicing, expansion/contraction drills etc will be included. These drills are intended for dogs competing at masters level or above. Situations that commonly cause bars to fall will be included. All dogs are welcome, although some drills will not be as challenging for small dogs.

Six jumps and 2 tunnels, plus MJS Vol 1 are required. The dog MUST be competent at one jump skills in MJS Vol 1 Chapter 6 before class begins. Dogs will be expected to have these basic skills. Many drills can fit in 40X60′ space but some require more like 40X80′. Most drills can be modified if your space is too small, but not all. Approximately 30 drills will be covered; some drills are progressive meaning a less intense version is presented first to be sure the basic skills are in place and that drill is followed by a more advanced version.

Note: This class requires considerable handler running.

Advanced Jumping Drills

Group Classes
Advanced Jumping Drills (Sept '17) - Working Spot
Advanced Jumping Drills (Sept ’17) – Working Spot
Price: $300.00

Advanced Jumping Drills (Sept '17) - Auditor
Advanced Jumping Drills (Sept ’17) – Auditor
Price: $150.00

Advanced Jumping Drills (Sept '17) -Observer
Advanced Jumping Drills (Sept ’17) -Observer
Price: $100.00

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