Group Classes

Group Classes

Course Design for ‘Real’ Dogs

​This online class is to improve understanding of how the course design on the map translates into actual dog performance on the field. Aspects of dog performance important to consider during course design such as leads, striding and jumping skills, lines, angles of approach plus factors that affect safety and handling challenge, will be included.  Click for more details.
One Jump Skills

Puppy ClassThis course is part of the jumping program outlined in the book Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS). One Jump Skills covers material equivalent to that found in MJS Chapter 6. This course covers the introduction of one jump skills that are designed to practice specific mechanical jumping skills: Jumping on Cue, Recalls (Collection, Bend, Double Bend, Extension, Slice, Back up), Runbys, Sends (Forward and Backside), and Wraps. Click for more details.

Advanced Jumping Drills

Puppy ClassThis class is designed for dogs that are currently competing to expand their jumping skills. Advanced drills from the upcoming Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS) Volume 2 such as collection grids, extension to collection transition drills, convergence, slicing, expansion/contraction drills etc will be included. Click for more details.