About Linda Mecklenburg

Linda Mecklenburg is recognized as one of the premier agility instructors in the United States. Her students have achieved top honors at the FCI and IFCS Agility World Championships and the AKC, USDAA, NADAC and ACA National Championships. With much national and international experience herself, Linda is in a unique position to offer guidance to those that wish to compete at highest levels. Regardless of whether one aspires to stand on the podium at the World Championships or just have a clean run, Linda helps each achieve their dreams and be the best they can be.

Linda is devoted to sharing her knowledge with other agility enthusiasts. She is the author of Developing Handling Skills, the most comprehensive book on agility handling available today. In it she describes how to balance cues to guide the dog efficiently and accurately on course. She has produced three very popular dvds on agility handling: “Introduction to Agility Handling, Common Sequences in Agility Handling and Balancing Cues”. In addition to handling, Linda is recognized by many for her expertise is in dog jumping. She is the author of “Developing Jumping Skills”, a very popular resource for those looking for a jumping program to follow with their young agility dogs. And finally, Linda instructs online classes primarily focused on handling or jumping topics. She has both group classes and self-study classes available.

Linda is has competed successfully both nationally and internationally. She has represented the USA in international competition on 17 occasions, competing 10 times at the FCI Agility World Championships and once at Crufts for the AKC, twice at the FCI Americas de Caribe, twice at the World Agility Open and twice at the World Cup for the USDAA. Linda has earned both gold and silver medals in the Team competition at the FCI Agility World Championships. In addition, she has placed in the top ten overall in the Individual competition on 3 occasions with two different dogs. Linda has been successful with multiple dogs in multiple competitive formats including the AKC Nationals, AKC World Team Tryouts, AKC Agility Invitational, USDAA World Championships, the USDAA National DAM Team Tournament and more.
Involved in dog agility since 1990, Linda is considered one of the pioneers of the sport. Since the earliest days of dog agility, she has always been one of the leading innovators of training and handling techniques. She is always in search of ways to improve performance and raise the standard of excellence. Today Linda continues to be a driving force in the evolution sport of dog agility.

For more information on Linda visit: www.awesomepaws.us