Jumping Skills and Problem Solving 2020

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Jumping Skills and Problem Solving

Prerequisites: Dogs should have masters level skills and be competent at one jump skills as described in MSJ Ch 6.

Duration: 4 months

Instructor: Linda Mecklenburg

Start Date:  June 1   

Finish Date: September 30

You will have access to the class for  6 months

The goal of this class is to expand your dog’s jumping education and prepare your dog for any jumping challenge he may see on course. Situations that commonly result in knocked bars or other jumping problems will be covered. This class will begin by reviewing jumping skills with drills involving one jump, followed by drills that gradually increase in difficulty. These drills are intended for dogs competing at masters level or above, although this is not required. All dogs are welcome, although some drills will not be as challenging for small dogs. If a dog has a specific jumping problem, be sure to rule out a physical or vision issue before registering for class. 

Most drills can fit in 40X60′ space but some require more like 40X80′. Many drills can be modified if your space is too small, but not all. Approximately 35 to 40 drills will be covered; some drills are progressive, meaning a less intense version is presented first to be sure the basic skills are in place and that drill is followed by a more advanced version. Many drills require considerable handler running.

Equipment Needed:

  • Six jumps
  • 2 tunnels
  • Mastering Jumping Skills Volume 1 by Linda Mecklenburg

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