Application of Cue Combinations

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Application of Cue Combinations

Instructor: Linda Mecklenburg

This class will focus on the appropriate application of standard cue combinations as described in chapters 3 and 6 of Developing Handling Skills. The focus will be on the appropriate use of motion and balancing of cues on sequences frequently encountered on course. Timing of cues will also be stressed.

Materials Needed:
Developing Handling Skills by Linda Mecklenburg
Handling Common Sequences in Agility DVD or Online Video Rental recommended

Equipment Needed: One or two tunnels, six or more jumps. Will require approximately 50′ X 80″ working space.

Application of Cue Combinations: Observer
Application of Cue Combinations: Observer

This is a completed group class held in winter 2013-14 now available for self-study. Students may sign up at any time and work through the material on their own. The entire course will be available for at least 12 weeks. Unlimited.

Price: $125.00

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