Mastering Jumping Skills: Foundation Flatwork

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Foundation Flatwork


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This is a former Group Class now offered for Independent Study. It is part of the jumping program outlined in the  book Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS). Foundation Flatwork for Jumping covers material equivalent to that found in MJS Chapter 4.

Before embarking on a jumping program with your dog, he should be prepared with preliminary training specifically geared for building future jumping skills. Preliminary training includes physical conditioning and foundation flatwork. Flatwork is used to lay the foundation for successful jumping performance before jumps are introduced. In agility, skills on the flat refer to skills performed without jumps. Most of the drills are dual-purpose; they are specifically designed to build both the mechanical and handling skills important for future jump training. With drills on the flat, your dog will practice one or more of the mechanical skills needed for jumping such as weight shift to the rear, collection, extension, bending, lead changes and so on. At the same time, drills on the flat will develop your dog’s understanding of handling skills needed for jumping such as recalls, sends, and turns. When your dog is coming toward you it is a recall, when he is going away it is a send. Combining the skills to practice handling sequences on the flat is an important prerequisite for jump training.

The foundation flatwork skills include:

  • Heel position
  • Recalls
  • Turns on the Flat
  • Circling a Cone
  • Sends
  • Handling Sequences on the Flat
  • Combining the Skills
    • Cone
    • Wing
    • Simulated Jump

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