Course Design and Dog Performance – Independent Study

Course Design and Dog Performance – Independent Study

Independent Study: This class was offered previously and has been completed for active students.  Independent Study students now have access to all discussions, diagrams and videos, but are unable to post.

Duration: You will have access to the class for 6 months

The purpose of this online class is to improve understanding of how the course design on the map translates into actual dog performance on the field. Aspects of dog performance important to consider during course design such as leads, striding and jumping skills, lines, angles of approach plus factors that affect safety and handling challenge, will be included. Videos, photos, diagrams, etc will be used to demonstrate real dogs’ performances. Examples of how subtle changes in the course design elements can impact the dog will be included.

Everyone (judges, competitors, etc.) is welcome to participate. Discussion will be generic and not geared toward any one organization. The class will be hosted in a private section on the Awesome Paws forum. You will need to join the forum before you register for the class. The class material will remain available to members after the class is complete. New members may join the group at any time but will not be able to take part in active discussion once class over.

Equipment needed: Although not required, Clean Run Course Designer (CRCD) is highly recommended. You can obtain a version of CRCD that will allow you to view courses and other diagrams at

Course Design and Dog Performance – Independent Study 

Independent Study
Course Design and Dog Performance - Independent Study
Course Design and Dog Performance – Independent Study
Price: $99.00

Release of Liability and Claim: By purchasing a class, you agree to the following: I understand that dog training is not without risk. I agree to release and forever discharge Linda Mecklenburg and Awesome Paws from any and all liability. Cancellation Policy: I understand that once registered, refunds will not be available. I understand that this course is intended for my personal and private use only. Any reproduction without the expressed written consent of the class instructor(s) is prohibited.

Please join the Awesome Paws Forum (free) before registering for a class. All students must be forum members.