Mastering Jumping Skills: One Jump Skills

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One Jump Skills

Independent Study: This class was offered previously and has been completed to working students.  Independent Study students now have access to all lessons/videos, unable to post.

Duration: You will have access to the class for 4 months.

Instructor: Linda Mecklenburg

one-jumpThis course is part of the jumping program outlined in the book Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS). One Jump Skills covers material equivalent to that found in MJS Chapter 6. This course covers the introduction of one jump skills that are designed to practice specific mechanical jumping skills:

  • Jumping on Cue
  • Recalls (Collection, Bend, Double Bend, Extension, Slice, Back up)
  • Runbys
  • Sends (Forward and Backside)
  • Wraps

Equipment Needed: 1 Wing Jump, Mastering Jumping Skills, by Linda Mecklenburg

These skills are the foundation of this jumping program and will be used throughout your dog’s career.

One Jump Skills

Self Study


One Jump Skills (2017) - Self Study
One Jump Skills (2017) – Self Study
Price: $100.00

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