Skills & Drills 2018 – Independent Study

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Skills & Drills 2018

Independent Study: This class was offered previously and has been completed to working students.  Independent Study students now have access to all lessons/videos, unable to post.

Duration: You will have access to the class for 4 months

Instructor: Jennifer Crank

Required Equipment: All equipment will be used throughout the 13 weeks but no more than 5 pieces on any one week

This class will help ensure that your dog isn’t missing crucial training time during the cold months of winter.  We will provide short drills that require no more than five obstacles.  Each drill will be able to be performed in limited space.  Each week a lesson will be provided alongside the sequence and will be accompanied by a video demonstration.

To ensure that dogs are getting both handling and obstacle training during these cold months, the class will alternately focus on handling and obstacle skills every other week.

 Skills & Drills 2018

Independent Study
Skills & Drills 2018 - Independent Study
Skills & Drills 2018 – Independent Study
Price: $65.00

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