Tunnels Ahead – Independent Study

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Tunnels Ahead

Independent Study: This class was offered previously and has been completed to working students.  Independent Study students now have access to all lessons/videos, unable to post.

Duration: You will have access to the class for 4 months

Instructor: Jennifer Crank

Required Equipment: 1 tunnel (ideally 15’ minimum) and 2 jumps

Suggested Equipment: 2 tunnels and 4-6 jumps

Tunnels appear on almost every type of course in our sport: standard, jumpers, premier/biathlon, and then some!  This class will emphasize a solid foundation on this important obstacle.   This six week class (spread out over twelve weeks) will cover using a verbal to cue U-shaped tunnel discriminations, straight tunnel challenges, tunnel backsides, as well as many other fun challenges associated with this obstacle, including gaining the ability to bypass a tunnel with minimal effort!

Week one will begin with the basics of tunnel verbal training combined with improving your sending and bypassing skills.  Each week we will build on these skills and increase the difficulty all while introducing fun and challenging drills and games.

Tunnels Ahead

Independent Study
Tunnels Ahead - Independent Study
Tunnels Ahead – Independent Study
Price: $65.00

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