May 18/19, 2019 Seminar

Big Sky Dog Centre, Harrowsmith, Ontario

In May Linda will be offering a two-day jumping workshop. The workshop will cover material derived from Mastering Jumping Skills Volumes 1 & 2. Topics include fundamentals of jumping that all agility handlers should benefit from with an overview of the jumping skills required in agility, leads, foundation jump training that promotes thoughtful, clean jumping, and training of multiple jumping skills with discussion of how these skills relate to handling (from MJS Vol 1). Jumping problems plus selected advanced jumping drills, and how they are used to improve performance (MJS Vol 2), will also be covered.

The format will be lecture/demo. There will be no “working” spots; however, participants will be encouraged to volunteer their dogs for the drills they may be suitable for. There may be opportunities for dogs of all levels to participate, from 6 mos to seasoned pro.
Mastering Jumping Skills is highly recommended. Information will be posted in the Announcements Board on the Awesome Paws Forum.

Both days:Registration at the door (check or cash only, no credit card payments at door) : $300 USD

One day only : $150 USD

For more information  contact Linda Mecklenburg:   OR  Joe Stewart: