Class Information


Group Class

  • Active discussion with instructor/fellow students available for questions and explanations.
  • Working student: Submit video of each lesson for feedback (unlimited). Students must complete all lessons before the class concludes. Able to post questions.
  • Auditor: Access to all lessons/videos; able to post questions.
  • Observer: Access to all lessons/videos, unable to post.

Independent Study Class

  • Students work through the lessons independently.
  • Classes available for independent study consist of material from former group classes which have ended (student videos submitted for critique, discussion with instructor comments and explanations, students questions etc).
  • Access to all lessons/videos, unable to post.
Please join the Awesome Paws Forum (free) before registering for any class. All students must be forum members. After you join the forum, you may sign up for a group or self-study class. Note: It may take a couple of days to get access to the class on the forum.