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Group Classes

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Independent Study Classes

Jumping Skills and Problem Solving

The goal of this class is to expand your dog’s jumping education and prepare your dog for any jumping challenge he may see on course. Situations that commonly result in knocked bars or other jumping problems will be covered. This class will begin by reviewing jumping skills with drills involving one jump, followed by drills that gradually increase in difficulty. These drills are intended for dogs competing at masters level or above, although this is not required.  Click for more details.

Foundation Jump Training

This course is part of the jumping program outlined in the book Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS). Foundation Jump Training covers material equivalent to that found in MJS Chapter 5. The goal for early jump training is to lay a solid foundation while maintaining consistency with the body language you will use later to cue your dog on course.  Click for more details. 

One Jump Skills

Puppy ClassThis course is part of the jumping program outlined in the book Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS). One Jump Skills covers material equivalent to that found in MJS Chapter 6. This course covers the introduction of one jump skills that are designed to practice specific mechanical jumping skills: Jumping on Cue, Recalls (Collection, Bend, Double Bend, Extension, Slice, Back up), Runbys, Sends (Forward and Backside), and Wraps. Click for more details.






Developing Handling Skills
After years of observation, study, experimentation, and practical application, Linda Mecklenburg has arrived at a simple but comprehensive approach to agility handling that is appropriate for all dogs and handlers, from the beginner to the most accomplished competitor. Available at, Click Here
Mastering Jumping Skills
Mastering Jumping Skills for Awesome Agility Dogs (Volume 1) is a comprehensive jumping program designed to prepare your dog for the jumping challenges that he will face in agility.
Available at, Click Here


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Handling Common Sequences in Agility DVD
Handling Common SequencesThis DVD contains demonstrations of Linda Mecklenburg and one of her dogs performing common sequences in agility as described in Chapter 6 of her highly acclaimed agility handling book, Developing Handling Skills.
For a full description click here
Price: $25 

Balancing Cues in Agility DVD

   Balancing Cues DVDYour ability to communicate with your dog and guide him through a course depends on your understanding of how to balance the six basic agility cues—motion, shoulders, location, arm/hand signals, verbal cues, and eyes—described in Linda Mecklenburg’s highly acclaimed book Developing Handling Skills. For a full description click here
Price: $45