Independent Study Classes

Independent Study

Skills & Drills 2018

This class will help ensure that your dog isn’t missing crucial training time during the cold months of winter.  We will provide short drills that require no more than five obstacles.

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Tunnels Ahead

Tunnels appear on almost every type of course in our sport: standard, jumpers, premier/biathlon, and  then some!  This class will emphasize a solid foundation on this important obstacle.  Each week will build on various skills and increase the difficulty with fun and challenging drills and games.

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Foundation Flatwork

This course is part of the jumping program outlined in the  book Mastering Jumping Skills (MJS). Foundation Flatwork for Jumping covers material equivalent to that found in MJS Chapter 4. Before embarking on a jumping program with your dog, he should be prepared with preliminary training specifically geared for building future jumping skills. Preliminary training includes physical conditioning and foundation flatwork. Flatwork is used to lay the foundation for successful jumping performance before jumps are introduced. Click for more details.

Backside Basics

Puppy ClassThis class is designed to introduce dogs and handlers to backside skills, both at a single jump and in small drills. The basics of handling backsides will be covered. Dogs will also be taught the skills necessary for success on the most common types of backsides. Click for more details.